Ermita de Santa Cruz

The Ermita de Santa Cruz is one of the oldest hermitages in Antigua, its origin dates back to 1664 when several Dominican religious requested authorization to build a new convent temple in the Santa Cruz neighborhood in La Antigua Guatemala.

A stucco crucifix decorates the facade and, around it, images of the Virgin Mary and several saints. To access to this church, one must go through a series of stairs that make the facade more majestic. Once inaugurated, the hermitage operated as a church and after the damage caused by the earthquakes of 1773 in the city, only vestiges remain that serve as an outdoor theatre for cultural events, concerts, etc.

As part of the city’s restoration process, the council in charge of the protection of the city’s historic buildings (CNPAG) commissioned repairs to the ruins in 1973.

Due to its location on the slopes of the Santa Cruz hill and the nature that surrounds it, it is a site that should not be missed when visiting Antigua Guatemala.

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