Hiking the Agua Volcano

The Agua volcano is a truly impressive creation of nature. With a height of 3,766 meters above sea level, it is located between the department of Sacatepéquez and Escuintla. Its shape and symmetry are almost perfect decorating the landscape of the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala.

The story goes that its current name is derived from an eruption in 1541 when, after heavy rains, the volcano filled up and caused a stream of water and mud that destroyed what was the second capital of Guatemala established by the Spanish at that time. Several villages were established on the slopes of the volcano, you can also find crops of corn, vegetables and fruit trees. If you want to climb this volcano it is better to do it during the months of November to April since generally there is no rain and it is the perfect climate to appreciate the landscape when arriving at the crater.

For several years there has been a “family hike” on the first Saturday of January. The path that leads to the summit at the beginning is a series of narrow gaps between the fields and the forest. As you gain height, it is only forest with large trees. We recommend bringing a thick jacket or sweater, sneakers or climbing shoes, enough water about 2 bottles, a small snack, first aid kit, among other things.

If you have an adventurous spirit it is certainly an adventure not to be missed!


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