Guatemalan Street Food

Guatemala is a multicultural country that offers a wide variety of delightful food, as well as desserts and beverages, that you definitely can’t miss while in Guatemala. Below you will find a list of 5 must eat Guatemalan food and drinks that you can usually find in the parks every day and these are usually sold in the evenings.

  • Shucos

The Guatemalan shuco – hot dog – is very popular because of its abundance of ingredients, is filled with guacamole, cabbage, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, and any of the following: longaniza (white sausage), salchicha sausage, chorizo (red sausage), ham, bacon, etc.

  • Chuchitos

The chuchitos are prepared with a corn dough that contains tomato-based sauce, and chicken or pork. You can eat them with tomato sauce and cheese or also with cabbage and avocado.

  • Atol de elote

It is a delicious hot drink, made with sweet corn that is often flavored with cinnamon or vanilla.

  • Atol blanco

It is a hot drink made of corn, it is accompanied by black beans and hot pepper.

  • Tacos de papa

These are very simple to prepare, but their flavor is delicious. They are small rolls made with tortilla and inside they have mashed potatoes and chicharrón (pork rinds).

Have you tried any of these traditional Guatemalan street food? let us know in the comments!

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