Learning Spanish through subtitles

Nowadays there are many techniques to improve your language skills, without a doubt one of the most important and effective ways is to immerse yourself as much as possible into the language you are interested in. Today we will talk about a simple and effective way that can help you to improve not only your vocabulary but your listening skills in a fun and easy way.

Many people spend their free time watching movies or TV shows as entertainment, but why not spend all that time learning something new?. Turning on subtitles can be a fantastic language-learning tool.

Spanish subtitles when watching English movies

If you are at a beginner level this probably will be a good option for you. We recommend starting with something easy, so all you have to do is watch the movie or TV show in English but (here is the important thing) make sure to put the subtitles in Spanish, by doing so, you will have the chance to read the subtitles as you hear the English equivalent. This may not be the best learning technique, but you will definitely learn a few words. It’s a small change that will help you to expand your vocabulary.

Spanish audio with English subtitles

If you are at an intermediate level, you can watch movies in Spanish with English subtitles, so you can work on your listening skills while learning new words. That will give you a great understanding boost and will make a big difference in how much you can absorb from the movie.

Spanish subtitles with Spanish audio

If you are at a more advanced level, we recommend watching a movie in Spanish with subtitles in Spanish, by doing this you will have a second chance to understand what the characters are saying, the combination of simultaneous reading and listening while watching the movie is a great advantage that will help you to understand more and improve your language skills, as well as learning new vocabulary.

If you use subtitles effectively, these can be of great help when learning languages as long as you used them often.

Do you want to start practicing your Spanish? Take a free class today and let us know what other techniques have helped you to learn Spanish.

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