Legends of Guatemala (Part II)

Guatemala has so many legends that deserve to be told, so surely just one article is not enough! Today, we are going to introduce you to La Llorona and La Siguanaba, two scary women that move in a nocturnal environment full of mystery, they are two ethereal beings that wander alone.

La Llorona

All over the city of Antigua, you will find fountains, public sinks or washing places, in those places people say they have heard the famous Llorona. A mother who cries out with vehemence ¡AYY MIS HIJOS…!, those who have seen her say that she wears a white dress and is always crying, the Llorona is known for having drowned her children and after feeling guilty, she goes out late at night to look for them desperately. That’s why if you see her some night in this enchanted city, don’t hesitate to run away and try not to pass by places with fountains, public sinks or washing places late at night because she will surely be there!

La Siguanaba

A woman with a slender body and apparently very beautiful is the protagonist of many scary stories in Guatemala. This woman appears to unfaithful men who walk late at night, and when men see her they fall completely in love, attracted by her sculptural body, they follow her on her walk until she leads them to a ravine where she poses naked, and when the man is close enough, she shows her true appearance. La Siguanaba has a horse face and a terrifying laugh and that’s how she enchants men as they slowly die until they pass on to another life.

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