Legends of Guatemala

Legends constitute a fundamental part of the culture, in Guatemala with cultural syncretism, elements from different communities were added, resulting in unique and culturally rich texts. Nowadays, these legends are well known and enjoyed by all Guatemalans, both children and adults, since through the years they have been spread from generation to generation. In today’s article, we will briefly introduce you to the 3 most popular and terrifying legends of Guatemala.

  1. La Tatuana:

She was a very beautiful young woman who existed at a time when thoughts of debauchery and opposition to the Christian religion were not allowed; because of her way of living and thinking, she was judged and condemned as a witch, who seduced men with black magic.

It is said that she was imprisoned in one small room of the town hall of Antigua Guatemala, and without having contact with humans for a long time, the unfortunate woman became crazy, it is also said that she made a pact with the devil because she drew a ship on the wall of the room in which she hopped in and escape from prison. No one ever heard from her again.

2. El sombrerón:

Those who have seen and heard him have been delighted by his amazing singing voice, accompanied by his mare and his guitar, he is a man characterized by his short stature, and by his love for different women. He sings to every woman with big black eyes and long hair (as he has a strange obsession with braiding), he dresses completely in black, wears golden boots and an enormous hat; which has given him his extraordinary identity, and therefore he is known as “El Sombrerón”.

3. El Cadejo:

Legend has it that there exist two mysterious creatures that take the shape of a dog; one is good and the other evil, but both known as “Cadejo “. The black dog is the one in charge of taking care of those who get drunk and roam at night, as this one does not separate from them until they arrive safe and sound to their home, and the other one is a white dog that takes care of women and children; it is said that the black dog is an evil being if the drunk person has bad feelings this one does not take care of them and instead will lose them in their walk to make them never arrive at their home.

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