San Pedro La Laguna

When it comes to Lake Atitlán, it is common to hear about wonderful villages around the lake with touristic places worth visiting. These villages have impressive nature reserves and hills with a unique view of the lake. Today we will talk about one of these spectacular villages. San Pedro La Laguna, this village is on the base of San Pedro Volcano. Travelers often come here to hike the volcano, horseback ride or to enjoy the nightlife.

Located on the southwest corner of Lake Atitlán, it is the second most popular place around the lake and is the only village in Atitlán that can be reached by road as well as by boat. San Pedro is best known as a low-budget tourist destination and preferred by backpackers. Most of the hotels and services for travelers are located between the two docks of the village, visitors will find many accommodation options of different budgets and with a variety of restaurants, bars, etc. The village also stands out for its street art, its upper part is full of murals, most of them with text messages written in the Mayan language about peace or about god. The ideal is to wander through its streets until you reach the main plaza, with its colonial church and a huge statue of San Pedro, which captures the great devotion of its inhabitants.

This place is one of the most famous attractions around Lake Atitlán, which is undoubtedly worth exploring, to discover the Guatemalan surroundings and its culture.

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