5 Useful Tips to Improve your Spanish Pronunciation

Who says improving your pronunciation has to be boring? Today we are going to give you some useful tips to improve your pronunciation in an easy and fast way.

1. Speak out loud
This will help you to become familiar with the new language and practice the rhythm of it.

2. Watch movies and series
Watching films or series in Spanish is a fun and effective way to learn Spanish pronunciation. Some other benefits of watching movies/series with subtitles on are:
• It increases reading speed and listening comprehension
• It grows vocabulary
• It improves word recognition and grammar

3. Record yourself
Recording yourself and listening to it gives you the chance to have feedback, you can show it to a native speaker to have a different perspective and recommendations.

4. Listen to music
Just like movies and series, Spanish music allows you to increase your vocabulary while allowing your ear to become accustomed to good Spanish pronunciation.

5. Repeat the same word several times
Repeat the words you find difficult to become used to them, like everything remember that practice makes perfect!

Do you know about any other useful tip? Please let us know in the comments.

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