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Now with the rise of technology is easy to communicate with people who speak different languages throughout a bunch of different apps, however, you never know when you’ll be left with no signal, or a dead battery. For this reason, is important to at least know some useful words and expressions in Spanish that will keep you out of trouble and frustrating situations.

Here´s a list with the most useful words to ask for directions:

English Spanish
Excuse me Perdone/a
I got lost Estoy perdido
Can you help me? ¿Puede ayudarme?
How do I get to…? ¿Cómo llego a…?
Where is the…? ¿Dónde está el…?
Is this the right way? ¿Este es el camino correcto?
Is it far? ¿Está lejos?
Can you show me on the map? ¿Me lo puede mostrar en el mapa?
I am looking for… Estoy buscando…
Go straight on Siga todo recto
Turn around Dé la vuelta
Cross the road Cruce la calle
About 10 minutes on foot A unos diez minutos caminando
Pavement / sidewalk La acera/banqueta
Near to Cerca de
Opposite of Enfrente de
Next to Al lado de
in front of Delante de
Left Izquierda
Right Derecha
By foot/ car/ Bus A pie/ en carro/ en autobús

Cardinal points

English Spanish
North Norte
South Sur
East Este
West Oeste


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