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The Crafts Market in Antigua is located right next to the city’s bus station on 4ta. Calle Poniente, this place is visited by thousands of tourists every day looking for souvenirs, gifts, and decorations from Guatemala.

The Guatemalan craft is the most genuine expression of the inhabitants and it’s great financial support for many communities of the country. It dates from pre-Hispanic times. In 1818 Spaniards arrived in Guatemala who introduced European techniques.

According to researchers “Traditional Mesoamerican crafts began to incorporate European techniques and designs, without losing their distinctly indigenous character, their ancient characteristics of color and processing.”

The Crafts Market was built so that Mayan artisans, mainly from the villages around Antigua, had a place to sell their products. It is one of the most popular markets due to the variety of products as it can be found from toys in wood to ceramics, jewelry, colorful paints, and quality clothing without missing the tejidos (fabrics), which are cloth canvases made with striking and colorful designs according to the creativity of the artisans which are exhibited as excellent options for gifts, decorations or souvenirs.

Definitely, a place you can not miss once you are here to see and enjoy the incredible skill of local artisans.


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