Guatemalan Gastronomy

The Guatemalan gastronomy is the fusion of two different cultures; it has a big influence of the Mayans and the Spanish colonizers who added different condiments, preparation techniques, and fruits.

One of the main highlights of Guatemalan gastronomy is precisely its color palette, which reflects the richness of fruits, vegetables, and spices that grow in Guatemalan soil. From the simple corn tortilla to a more complex recipe, such as the jocón, the gastronomic contribution is a tourist attraction enjoyed by thousands of visitors.

Within the Guatemalan diet, corn is one of the most used ingredients, as it is the main ingredient for most of the typical dishes. It is deeply marked in the culture by the aboriginal tradition of the Mayans, who used this ingredient a lot.

There are five typical dishes that were declared Intangible Cultural heritage of the Nation, since 2007, these are:

• El Jocón

• El Pepián

• El Kaq ‘ik

• Los Plátanos en mole

• Los Frijoles con chicharrón

Currently, the Guatemalan gastronomy is distinguished by different soups, tamales, atoles that include characteristics of Mayan and Spanish food.

Have you ever tried a Guatemalan typical dish? what do you think about it? let us know in the comments we would love to read about it.

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