Convent and Church of La Merced

If you want to discover one of the most beautiful baroque church and Convent in Antigua Guatemala, we invite you to visit the Convent of La Merced located in the north of the city.

The convent of La Merced is well known and one of the most beautiful ones in Antigua for its magnificent construction, its details and its architecture. It was inaugurated in 1767, suffering from many changes due to earthquakes, but surviving a large part of its structure. In its interior stands out the impressive and one of the biggest in Latin America, the “Fuente de Los Pescadores (Fountain of the fishermen)” which dates from the eighteenth century, in addition to having wide corridors with arched columns. The convent has its church, which is also a work of art, for having an infinity of details and saints in the front. This church is really famous during Holy Week because of Jesus of Nazareth, also called Jesus Mercedary, who comes out in procession during this week. In here, you can experience an atmosphere of peace that invites you to reflect surrounded by a religious environment that is still perceived.

The entire construction (church and convent) is located at 1ra Calle Poniente and 6ta Avenida Norte, half a block from the Santa Catalina Arch. In this direction is also located a small alley with a mural image of Our Lady of Mercy.

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