Common Mistakes Made by Learners of Spanish

Let’s start this year learning Spanish, today we will talk about some common mistakes every learner should be aware of. While learning a second language is very common to get confused between the grammar rules, the uses of certain expressions or idioms, among others. We have detected that there are series of usual mistakes that learners of Spanish repeat continuously. In today´s post, we will show some of them so that way you are aware of it and try to avoid these mistakes from now.


  1. Prepositions

Just like English prepositions have determined uses and there is a variety of them, that is why is one of the most difficult things to learn, because they are never perfectly equivalent or translatable with our mother tongue, but do not worry the key word here is practice, practice, and practice!


  1. Comparing languages

A very common mistake students make in the learning process is to compare the meaning of a language with their own, e.g. literal translations. You must avoid this one since it will make you even more confused.


  1. Confusion of gender (feminine, masculine).

There are words that seem to be masculine but are feminine and vice versa, for example, Mar (sea) many students confuse its gender since it has an a in it but its gender is masculine, el mar NOT la mar.


  1. Conjugation of verbs.

In many occasions students can make mistakes in the conjugation of the verbs, this is due to not differentiating when a verb is regular or irregular. It is fundamental to learn the conjugation of verbs in Spanish.


  1. Confusion between “Qué” and “Cuál”.

This is one of the most common mistakes in English-speaking students. The most direct translation of “Qué” is what and “Cuál” is which, but it is not always like that and then mistakes appear.

Do you know of other common mistakes? What do you recommend to avoid these mistakes? let us know in the comments, we would love to read about it!

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