Patron saint festivals are held annually in many towns around Guatemala, these are celebrated to honor the town’s patron saint. Today, although they keep their religious nature, they have also incorporated different activities such as concerts, traditional foods, fair attractions, and music. One of the main attractions of these festivals is the burn of the “toritos” (small bulls).

The “toritos” consist of a wooden structure in the shape of a bull that carries pyrotechnic games, is carried by someone who dances around the people who are looking at this show and it ends when all the pyrotechnic games are extinguished.

The tradition of the “torito” is one of the most amusing ones, the “torito” goes through the main streets leading to the procession of the town’s saint. As previously mentioned it consists of a wooden structure in the shape of a bull, which on the outside carries different types of pyrotechnics games, this is carried by a person who must wear a rag or wet towel to prevent burns. The bull runs and dance around people and they must flee from it to avoid being reached. However, each town has adapted this tradition in its own way, in some places they burn two or more bulls at the same time, the “toritos” have also different structures of two or three levels ending with the best pyrotechnic games. Let us know in the comments what do you think about this funny tradition, and if you would like to witness it.



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