Guatemalan Slang Words You Should Know

Just like any other language, Spanish has many differences depending on where it is spoken. If you speak another language, surely it has happened to you that speaking with natives is a distressing situation since many times, they use words, expressions or idioms that we do not understand. That´s why today we will teach you 10 new slang words that you should undoubtedly know and that you will surely hear in Guatemala.


  • Meaning: Yes
  • Usual term: Si
  • Example: – ¿Estás bien?                                                                                                                                                    – Simón

Dos que tres

  • Meaning: More or less, so so
  • Usual term: más o menos
  • Example: Me fue dos que tres en el examen.


  • Meaning: friend
  • Usual term: amigo
  • Example: Mi cuate vendrá mañana.

Un cachito

  • Meaning: a Little
  • Usual term: un poco
  • Example: Regálame un chachito de pan.


  • Meaning: goodbye
  • Usual term: adiós
  • Example: Orale Juan


  • Meaning: soccer game
  • Usual term: Juego de fútbol
  • Example: Vamos a ver la chamusca.


  • Meaning: girl or boy
  • Usual term: muchacho, muchacha
  • Example: El patojo se comió todo el pastel.


  • Meaning: walking, a ride
  • Usual term: Paseo
  • Example: Vamos a dar un colaso.


  • Meaning: stingy
  • Usual term: tacaño/tacaña
  • Example: Tu amigo es muy tacaño.


  • Meaning: money
  • Usual term: Dinero
  • Example: Me robaron mi pisto.

Let us know you think in the comments, if you know more slang words and what would like to read in the next Spanish article.


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