Did you know that the people who live in Antigua are usually known as “aguacateros (avocado growers)”? The reason is that in here many of this fruit is produced, this is a traditional and well-known fruit around the city, besides it has a flavor that you will undoubtedly want to taste.

The avocado is a fruit with a smooth and creamy texture, its color is between green and brown. It can be a good companion for almost any food, in addition to its great properties that help health both external and internal; it can be eaten with salads, soup, pasta, meat, chicken, among others. It also can be used for facial masks, treatments and hair care. The avocado reduces cholesterol, helps the proper functioning of the nervous system, reduces heart disease, etc. That is why the avocado is an extraordinary fruit; Unique in providing many benefits to human health. Throughout the world, there are different types of this fruit such as Hass, Bacon, Fuerte, Pinkerton, Lamb Hass. You can consume it both raw and cooked.

The Avocado has many properties so if you come to Antigua do not forget to try this wonderful, unique and exquisite fruit.

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