November First

In Guatemala there are many traditions, celebrations and beliefs, today we will show you one of the most important and outstanding one which no matter the religion thousands of people enjoy it with food, ceremonies, etc. This tradition is celebrated each November first and is dedicated to the people who are no longer with us.

The day of the dead (Mexico) or Saints’ day (Guatemala) according to history this was to commemorate the martyrs and St. John the Baptist but over time this changed and soon afterward people added more saints until it became to what is now, a celebration where the main purpose is to pray for the deceased, whether is family or friends. People also pray for the souls that are still in purgatory so they can leave and continue with their eternal rest. Also, in most cultures, people seek to appease the most recent dead who still roam the earth without finding the resting place. This day people prepare Fiambre (a traditional Guatemalan dish specially prepared for November 1st), The cemeteries are visited and the people usually take flowers to decorate the grave of their beloved ones, also in the villages people gather in the central square to fly kites.

We encourage you to travel to Antigua Guatemala and be part of this tradition, which will fill you with excitement enjoying different traditional dishes of the season.


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