Spanish in Antigua

The Spanish speaking community is very different, not just for the language but for its traditions and celebrations, one of the perfect places to learn from all this and get closer to the culture is the city of Antigua that is located in the south of Guatemala.

In this city, you will find many activities, attractions and monuments to visit. Besides practicing or learning Spanish. It is not very difficult to transport yourself here because is a small city, therefore, is easy to walk around and find what you want. To go shopping the best place is the central market where you will find clothes, food, toys, souvenirs, etc. There are many companies that offer several Tours in either the city or its surroundings but if your goal is to learn Spanish there are also different schools that offer it at comfortable prices. Ixchel Spanish School is located 5 blocks away from the central park and offers personalized, professional and guaranteed learning, Here in Antigua you can also experience homestays, which are the best option if you want to practice your learning and get in touch with the culture of this beautiful country.

We encourage you to learn Spanish in this beautiful city declared as a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

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