Patronal Celebrations Antigua

There are many festivities throughout the year in Guatemala that are an interesting part of the culture of our country these are mostly from a religious cause as well as the country population are 47% Catholics, important reason to understand these celebrations.

The interesting celebrations where all visitors can be full immerse and learn about typical dancing, desserts & foods from Guatemala. knowing these celebrities can take you a complete approach to our culture if you want to involve on it. –

Once a year in different places celebrations takes part in honor of the Patron Saint of each area, traditional dances, pyrotechnic games, musical concerts and the main thing the Eucharistic procession. In many places the celebration lasts 1 week or it can be only one day, these are some of the most important dates for you to visit; August 15 Virgin of the Assumption is celebrated in Guatemala an Jocotenango city, from May 17 to 21 Celebration in honor of San Bernardino de Sena in San Juan del Obispo a village near to Antigua, July 25 Celebrities in honor of Santiago Apóstol, Antigua Guatemala.

These are the most important and traditional celebrities if you are planning visit Antigua.

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