Antigua Guatemala, Said no to Plastic and Pollution

Surely you know that plastic pollutes the planet, because it can be accumulate in any corner of the earth and takes too long to start degrading, even some plastic materials can remain intact almost centuries. Plastics damage flora and fauna directly.

Plastic bags consume large amounts of energy for their manufactures, these are composed of substances derived from petroleum, Also, screen-printed bags may contain toxic metal residues.

The vast majority bags end up being thrown without control contaminating cities and natural ecosystems. At sea plastic impact can be lethal for animals such as turtles, whales or dolphins, which die after ingesting them or becoming entangled in them. For all this and more, the environmental impact of plastic bags is much worse than it may look at first.

Therefore, some countries and cities are proposing different actions to reduce the use of plastic bags. One possible solution is to replace the material in these bags with other totally biodegradable materials. Antigua Guatemala is being part of it banning plastics bags & plastic straws in the city such as restaurants, stores, minimarkets, residences are included.

The Municipality of Antigua Guatemala, and El Diario de Centro América, signed the plastic prohibition agreement that will take place in February 2019.

What can I do to reduce the use of plastic bags?

  • Use cloth bags, wicker baskets and similar materials to replace shopping bags and store things at home.
  • If you buy few things avoid using bags, unless you carry your own shopping bag.
  • It helps to make others aware of this problem and how to help rectify it, especially the little ones.
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