Río Dulce National Park

Río dulce (“sweet river”) is located in the department of Izabal, it was declared protected area in 1955. This national park is home of approximately 350 species of birds, as well as other species such as crocodiles and different kinds of fishes. All the nearby villages that surround the Rio Dulce National Park, the Central America Bridge, and the San Felipe Castle are nearby tourist attractions. It covers 7,200 hectares, where aquatic ecosystems and mangroves are located.

Río Dulce captivates thousands of tourists for its stunning landscapes but also offers the opportunity to visit one of the main tourist destinations of Guatemala, the San Felipe Castle, which was built at the colonial times, to protect the area from pirate’s assaults.

The boat rides are really common not as a tourist cruise since people around use it as mean of transportation which makes it even more enchanting. However, there are some boat tours, which is feted as one of the best things to do in Guatemala, getting the chance to stop at some touristic spots and communities around, making it a totally magical and unforgettable experience.

Have you ever been to Rio Dulce? What do you think about it?

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  1. Charles Guggenheim
    5 December 2019

    Is your Spanish school in Rio Dulce?
    Thank you,
    Charles Guggenheim

    • Lisa Ramirez
      5 December 2019

      Hi Charles, thanks for your comment, the school is located in Antigua, however, we arrange tours going to Rio Dulce every week! please contact us if you have more questions, we will be happy to assist you.

      Best regards,

      Customer Service
      Ixchel Spanish School

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