Acatenango Volcano

Are you an adventure-seeker? Are you looking for new fascinating experiences? If the answers to these questions were yes, hiking the Pacaya volcano is definitely a must do activity while in Guatemala!

In the township of Chimaltenango is located one of the most famous volcanoes named Acatenango in which you will undoubtedly live one of the greatest experiences. It has an altitude of 3976 meters above sea level, it has two peaks, the Pico Mayor (Highest Peak) and Yepocapa (also known as Las tres hermanas or Tres Marías). Acatenango is the third highest volcano in Guatemala, followed by the Tacaná Volcano and the Tajumulco Volcano. If you want to hike the volcano in one day it would take around 8 hours, this is recommended for people with optimal health and physically fit, but you can also hike it in 2 days making a total of 4 or 5 hours a day staying at the first peak and camp there until the next day. This way you will enjoy an incredible and spectacular sunrise, a hike you will never forget!

Hike to experience the best that Guatemala has to offer to adventure-seeker, rewarded with some of the most fascinating views in Guatemala.

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