Popol Vuh

Before the Spanish conquest of Guatemala, there was an outstanding civilization called Maya, they were extremely intelligent although they were not very civilized, they created their own calendar, they made prophecies, one of the most famous was the end of the world in 2012, which turned out to be the end of a cycle. In addition to these, they created the famous book called Popol Vuh which is a narrative text with a wealth of imagination, this book chronicles the creation of humankind, the actions of the gods, the origin of the K’iche’ people, is a literary work quite acclaimed since they were beliefs that the people of this era posed.

It is considered the most important text in the indigenous literature of the New World. It is said that is the Mythological version of the creation of the world,  is also called “The book of the council or book of the community”. According to its etymology, Popol means: Meeting, community, common house and vuh or wuj: book, paper. It is also believed that the first version was written in Quiche language between 1550 and 1569, by a studied Indigenous who captured the oral chronicles of an old man, if this were the case, this version remained hidden until the years of 1701 – 1703

To learn more about the Popol Vuh history you can visit the Museum of Popol Vuh located in Guatemala City


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