Ancient Ruins

Antigua is famous for its well-preserved Baroque style architecture therefore in the city there are many ancient ruins (definitely attractions you cannot miss) the ruins which surround the city allow people to get closer to the culture and history, each ruin have splendid and unique designs that will make you feel stuck in time.

Much of the city was destroyed during the earthquake of 1773, this earthquake practically demolished sections of churches, temples, convents, and monasteries but fortunately, nowadays many of them are open to visitors. All of them have their own design, history, therefore, their own beauty, which make it more interesting. Some churches still hold regular ceremonies, something magical that has captivated thousands of visitors. Some of the churches have a museum with original artworks and religious pieces, most things are marked in English and Spanish. There are some tours agency, which is really helpful if you want to get the whole experience.


Visiting the ruins will give you the opportunity to experience the splendors of ancient times. Some of the most visited ruins are: San Francisco Church, Church and Convent of Nuestra Señora de La Merced, Santo Domingo Monastery, church and convent of La compañía de Jesús, Church and Convent of Las Capuchinas, Church and Convent of Santa Clara, Church and convent of La Recolección.

We cannot recommend the ruins enough for its beauty and history, the entry price for each ruin varies but is definitely worth it.


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