Birthday Parties!

Guatemala is full of festivities and the birthdays´ parties are not the exception.

In Guatemala is very popular to celebrate children birthdays in a special way. Children anxiously await for this day since they know this is just a once a year celebration where the can meet family and friends from school turning these celebrations into unforgettable birthday parties.

At the beginning of the party the birthday celebrant receives gifts from the guests, then some games and activities for kids are played, proceeding with the most expected moment of the party, las piñatas, these ones are made from various types of materials. Some are made of paper, ribbons, paper mache, etc. Piñatas can be found in all shapes and sizes, often represents cartoons or other characters known to most children. Others are shaped like fruits, baskets, rockets etc. but the piñatas represents also the creativity of the person who elaborate it, Each participant, usually  have a turn at hitting the piñata, the participant is blindfolded, given a wooden stick, and then spun a number of times, people traditionally sing songs while breaking the piñatas:

“Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el ritmo
porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino.”

Also, people try to guide the hitter screaming things like:

Más arriba!
¡En frente!

At the end of the piñatas, all the children make a circle around the cake and begin to sing to the birthday celebrant, the famous song of ” Feliz cumpleaños” (happy birthday), By the time the song finishes children sit with their parents to eat the cake, and finally all the children make two rows, one for boys and another for girls to receive their surprise which is a decorated bag containing more sweets and a small toy. all the children leave very happy and satisfied for the birthday party!

Have you ever been into a Birthday party in Guatemala? What do you like the most?

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