There are several theories about how this activity/game began, but most of them date back from 16th century. The Bingo is a very popular game around the world; there are two different typical varieties, the first one is played with 90 balls and the second with 75 balls.

Some theories about the origin of this popular game date back from the time of Roman culture, others relate it to ancient Italy in the sixteenth century.

In Antigua Guatemala, there are not “bingo clubs” but instead people gather to play Bingo during the year in different locations, most of them are played during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Currently, this activity gathers thousands of people who are encouraged and hopeful to win one of the prizes that are given away but also to enjoy the figures of the season as well as the Guatemalan typical food, which complements this familiar activity.

An interesting fact is that the Bingo in Guatemala is usually played on Sundays, it is known for the people as “Bingo para el domingo” which means Bingo for Sundays. Some of the villages around Antigua have also become this a tradition for every Sunday where people meet at the park of the village to play Bingo and have some good family time. Definitely, Bingo is an activity you cannot miss once you are in Guatemala!

Have you ever played Bingo? What do you think about it?

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