The Mayan submerged city in the Lake Atitlan

Samabaj was discovered in 1,996 by the Guatemalan Roberto Samayoa.

Sam = comes from the first syllable of the surname of the discoverer

abaj = means “stone” in the Mayan language. Hence the name

It is a Mayan city submerged in the depths of the lake. About 2,000 years ago, a small island where Samabaj was located (a small Mayan village) mysteriously submerged almost like an apocalypse.

During the first expeditions, different pottery pieces were discovered, which motivated to continue exploring until something bigger appeared, the Mayan Atlantis. Roberto Samayoa received support from several people and institutes during this excavation.

Lake Atitlan is located in the Sololá department and is considered the most beautiful lake in the world.

The submerged city is made up of 3 areas:

  • Well carved walls
  • Eight structures of which two are parallel
  • And the largest area that has a stairway

The archaeologist Sonia Medrano affirms that Samabaj was a Mayan ceremonial site where Maya rituals and ceremonies were performed because it contains monuments and buildings with public areas.

Some theories of why Samabaj got underwater

  • A sudden flood, which may have been triggered by a storm.
  • A volcanic eruption that caused the water to rise.
  • A landslide or earthquake, which could have caused a rising tide
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