Carpets: A Lent Tradition

Easter in Antigua is a very important time since most of the people are Catholic, which makes this one of the biggest religious celebrations in Guatemala. There are many traditions during this time, one of them is the famous Carpets (Alfombras) which attracts many visitors not just to see them but also to participate in the elaboration, these are full of colors, designs, shapes, and textures that make them unique and unmatched attractions.

According to history, Carpets date from the colonial period, when the Tlaxcalans of southern Mexico, were brought as slaves by the Spanish, it is said that they were settled on a place to live and they introduced these customs there.

Since then people started to do these Carpets in the streets to escort the procession in honor of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Carpets are made with different materials such as; Sawdust, flowers, fruits, and many other organic materials but people give their own style and design by placing images or Catholic messages. In Antigua the most famous carpets are made in the fifth Sunday of Lent, the with procession Santa Ana (a village in Antigua), because it is a small village, people do their best to create the most wonderful carpets.


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