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The city of Antigua Guatemala is characterized by having endless of old houses therefore endless of different doors, which make us look at the past and enjoy their vivid designs, styles, colors, and sizes which dates from the colonial period.

According to the history, the doors were made big and of wood to ease the access of the carriages. At the beginning, their designs were only carved in wood, but later people began to use the iron to increase the beauty of the doors. Many fans of culture, painters, and photographers can find inspiration in the city. They can enjoy the beauty of the doors to take a good photo or admire its aesthetics adornments that make unique every place you walk by.

Each door tells a story, it leads people to think and imagine the reason for the details and the quality of the materials with which they were made. Many doors have lion-shaped knobs, hands or faces which are located at the center of the doors. Usually, these forms are at a high height because in the past people came riding on horses and so they did not have to get off the horses and then get on, they just had to reach out and knock the doors with these “knockers” at a suitable height.

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