A Magic Place of Culture and Beauty

In Guatemala, there are many lovely places full of magic and beauty. One of the most visited places by foreigners and national tourists is Quetzaltenango, better known as Xela or Xelaju, its name means “under the wall of the quetzal” located in the northwest of the city of Guatemala with a percentage of 55% of indigenous people, 35% of Ladino people and 10% of European people. It has a cold weather, usually, at night the temperature is colder and dawns with sunny days, if you visit this place you should take a coat because in hotels and houses do not usually have heating.

Xela is a quiet place full of mystical places where people can relax and enjoy nature; life here is lived with a lot of spirituality being the forests, lagoons and hills sacred places for the inhabitants.

In Xela there are many activities you can do and places you can visit, for example,  visit la Laguna de Chicabal, climb the Santiaguito Volcano, Santa Maria, 7 ears, camping and hiking, go to the Georginas fountains, go to the theater, visit the central square, Cathedral, Church of San Nicolás. In addition to being one of the departments most used for the filming of various Guatemalan short films for the beautiful landscapes and its charm and beauty.

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