A Fountain with History

While you are in Antigua the first thing you visit is the central park, a place where you can sit and enjoy the city and its culture. In the central park, you will find the unique, the majestic, and the most important fountain in Antigua Guatemala called the mermaid’s fountain.

Designed and built by Diego de Porres in 1737, (the most outstanding architect at that time in Guatemala). This fountain has four mermaids holding their breasts with their hands this is where the water comes out. According to history, this fountain was inspired by the Neptune fountain in Italy, but some people believe that an earl of that time ordered to build the fountain in honor of his daughters who did not want to breastfeed their children and therefore were condemned to die of thirst and hunger tied to a tree.
This famous fountain is a meeting point for many people. Here you can observe different birds and enjoy peace in the middle of the city. In addition to being close to the craft market, museums, restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, the municipality, the palace of the knights, etc.

Welcome to the mermaid’s fountain in Antigua where the magic is so real, and where the history stays alive.

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