Sweet Guatemala, Handmade Chocolate!

Today Guatemala produces 10,414 tons of chocolate so if you are a chocolate lover Guatemala is the place!

Ever since the days of the ancient Maya, chocolate has played an important role in Guatemala. Just over 10,000 tons of chocolate are produced in Guatemala every year.

There are several museums and stores around Antigua where you can learn more about chocolate. They offer tours of their facilities and are happy to show you how chocolate is made. Some of them even offer classes where you can learn how to make chocolate yourself!. “to make chocolate, cacao beans, and their pulp are fermented before being dried and roasted. From there, the husks are removed and the nibs are ground and refined”.

Guatemalans are famous for their sweet taste and without chocolate, the Guatemalan culture wouldn’t be the same!

If you love chocolate, don’t miss this opportunity while you are in Antigua!

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