Guatemalan Mayan Costume

When you´re visiting Guatemala you can´t unnoted all the different traditional costumes around the country. These costumes represent particular Mayan areas and each one have a different meaning, that is why is important for visitors to know the meaning and history behind them so that way they can realize what an amazing and important these costumes are for Guatemalan people.

The Mayans costumes are a way of cultural communication explaining Mayan’s life containing a full meaning of it, each costume has an incredible design and different combination of colors, patterns, decoration, weaving technique. the way of dressing it is a wide combination of messages that have different interpretation. That is why each costume is a unique master piece and to understand their meaning is necessary to acquire knowledge of the history and timeliness of the Mayan culture.

The origin of artisanal fabrics in Guatemala can be considered as the result of the Spaniard influence derived from the "conquest" and colonization, Spaniards use some colors to recognize each different Mayan area.
The Guatemalan handicraft is the most genuine expression of his original inhabitants, and great sustenance support for the communities of the western highlands. The artisans with a vocation to the weaving and embroidery use the most beautiful colors for the tinting the production of handcrafted fabrics that go from their traditional costume that is made up of “Corte” (rectangular cloths worn like skirts) and “huipiles” (sleeveless).

 “We express ourselves through our designs, our dress – our huipil for example, it is like an image of our ancestors”.                                                                        Rigoberta Menchú Tum, 1984

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