Guatemalan Loquats

A kind of yellow fruit which is distinguished by its sweetness and tartness taste, its name in Spanish is Níspero.

Nísperos are very common in Guatemala. The fruit is locally grown and is obtainable from November until late January, Most people peel the skin and pick out the seeds before eating the fruit. The main local production is in the community of San Juan del Obispo (also famous for the excellent view that provides of the Antigua valley) located about 15km from Antigua.

The abundance of nispero is celebrated in November during the harvest time. In San Juan del Obispo there is a Loquat Festival. The festival is a sharing event expanding the knowledge and appreciation of the loquat tree and its fruit, it also helps up the economy of the town because nowadays in San Juan del Obispo hundreds of families depends on the níspero harvest. The aim of the festival is that visitors buy the handmade products that can be derived from the fruit like syrups, wine, jams, ice creams, jellies, tarts, pies, and many more sweet delicacies.

The best way to taste all this níspero delights is to visit the “Festival del Níspero” in San Juan del Obispo which is celebrated every year in November 18th and 19th!


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