Fountains in Antigua Guatemala

When you walk around Antigua Guatemala, you come across a multitude of fountains, large and small. Fountains are everywhere!

Fountains have a long tradition in Antigua Guatemala. They were popular even in colonial times since water has always been abundant in Antigua. Many ruins of building destroyed by the earthquake in 1773 boast large fountains.

The most famous fountain in Antigua Guatemala is certainly the Las Sirenas Fountain (the “Mermaid Fountain”) in the Central Park. It was built in 1738 by Diego de Porras, one of the most influential architects in colonial Antigua.

The fountains in the Central Park are not the only ones in Antigua — not by a long stretch! Other well-known fountains can be found in front of La Merced Church and in San Sebastian Park in the north of Antigua’s historic center.

Fountains are not limited to plazas, churches and public buildings. Many businesses and private homes feature a fountain too, although they are often much smaller depending on how much space is available.

Many people in Antigua feel that a house isn’t complete unless it has a fountain, however small.

When you are in Antigua Guatemala next time, count how many fountains you walk by every day. You’ll be surprised!

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