A Unique Tradition: All Saints Day

All Saints’ day or Día de Todos Los Santos is one of the most important days in
Guatemala, that takes place on November 1st, since it commemorates loved ones
who are not on this earth anymore, but that still alive in the memory of their families
and friends.
This tradition originally comes from Spain, but over the years it was adapted to
Guatemala. Several countries in Latin America celebrate this day as well, but
Guatemala is the only country that flies giant kites to represent a connection with the spirits of passed relatives.

On November 1st families gather at the cemetery to take flowers and food to their
passed relatives and share this moment with them. There is also a traditional meal
named Fiambre which is a kind of salad made with more than 50 ingredients
including sausages, vegetables, meats, egg, and cheeses, there are two types of
Fiambre white and red, but each family adds their special and unique touch.

There is also another tradition that is The Giant kite Festival celebrated in Santiago
Sacatepéquez, a lot of natives and tourist go there on this day to enjoy a show full
of colors and extravagantly enormous kites that fill the sky, these are made with
rice paper and bamboo but each one has a unique design and like was mentioned
before, the kites are used as a way to connect with the deceased.
November 1st is a day of lots of fun and entertainment dedicated to the memory of
people who are gone, but also it is a day to celebrate life.

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