How don’t fall in love of Antigua Guatemala?

There are so many ways to fall in love with Antigua Guatemala and, for sure, the colors on the walls are one of them. Sky blue, light yellow, intense red, and a favorite with many locals! -purple- are the colors around the city that people find most fascinating.
The colors are not a fashion of the 21st century! Historians working with the National Council for the Conservation of Antigua Guatemala have determined that these colors date back to colonial times and were already used to paint buildings more than 200 years ago. Antigua has always been a very colorful city!

Restaurants, Bars, dwellings, all of them have the same tones this unifies with an amazing and old architecture making you feel like you got stuck in time, also making the city pleasant for long walks, or social photos that we all love to capture. Almost everything in Antigua makes you don’t want to leave and fall in love with the city more and more.

The way locals decorate their houses with a lot of flowers and mini-trees and also shops which have a great range of colors, some of them are very creative that is something you definitely need to see by your eyes.
All these colorful ranges have a clear objective, to take care of Antigua as World Heritage of Humanity, which makes Guatemalans feel proud and makes them want to share it with tourists when they visit Antigua while creating unique memories that will last, as well as the city, over the years.

Which colors are your favorites? Don´t you feel like coming to Antigua Guatemala
right now? Let us know in the comments

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