A melody that represents not only a community but a whole nation

A musical piece that constitutes a culture, its lyrics and rhythm touch every
Guatemalan heart, representing their identity and expressing feelings that unite the
people becoming one.

Written by the Cuban poet José Joaquín Palma and the music was composed by
the comalapense (comapala, a town located in the department of Chimaltenango,
Guatemala) Rafael Álvarez Ovalle in 1897, during the government of the general
Jose Maria Reina Barrios.

It all started after Independence, in 1821, and with the later Liberal Revolution
(1871), the Guatemalans were filled with a great feeling of patriotism, for this
reason, a hymn began to be sought to glorify Guatemala. In 1896, Jose Maria
Reina Barrios launched a contest to choose a melody that expressed the desires
and hopes of the country, this way on February 19 th of 1897 the lyrics of an
anonymous author was officially admitted, the name of the author was revealed
until late 1910.

In 1934, the president Jorge Ubico ordered changes to the lyrics of the anthem.
This was assigned to the pedagogue José María Bonilla Ruano.
In 1984, the government of Óscar Mejía Víctores declared October 24 as National
Anthem Day, in honor of the birth of Rafael Alvarez Ovalle.

Each country anthem tries to reflect the union and a feeling of solidarity and
cooperation of the community, as well as remembering and reliving the glories of
the country and its people.

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