A Special Day For Kids All Over Guatemala, “Día del niño” Children’s Day in Guatemala

Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated in Guatemala on October 1st. It is an occasion celebrated  with  great enthusiasm, happiness  and love, which was established as a holiday around 1990.

It was in the year 1954  when the General  Assembly  of  the  United  Nations  recommended that all countries should  have  a  Universal  Children’s  Day  to  promote the  rights  and  well-being  of  children.The Assembly suggested to the state governments to celebrate this day on the date that each country chooses. For Guatemala and other Central and South American countries, the date is October 1st.

This day is long awaited in Guatemala since  it seeks to promote and raise awareness of the rights, participation and well-being of children. Governmental institutions  and  educational  establishments  organize various events and  activities  like  breaking piñatas, games, exchange  of  small  gifts  and candies, clown  performances, face painting, and many others.

In many towns, people gather  to  celebrate  this  day  with  the  kids  with  different activities to the delight of the children. In Guatemala, many children live in poverty, but this celebration is a good opportunity for them to forget about their problems and gives them hope and happiness.

The most important thing is that this special day puts a smile on every single kid’s face.

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