Antigua with Color, Creativity, Culture, Handicrafts!

Who is not thrilled to go shopping while traveling? I think we all love to buy souvenirs as we are traveling and Antigua is not an exception.

A touristic and historical city like Antigua Guatemala is the perfect place to buy handicrafts as a remembrance of your trip to Guatemala, whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift for loved ones!

So here’s the good news: Antigua has three main handicraft markets which are visited by thousands of people every day. Browsing the markets, many travelers fall in love with the creativity, the details and the colors put on every single piece that make them look like individual works of art created by Antigua’s mostly indigenous artisans.

History says that the crafts in Guatemala were passed down from generation to generation since pre-Hispanic times. During the 1820’s several European techniques were introduced by the Spaniards and soon incorporated into the indigenous crafts. Their elaboration today reflects the historical and cultural wealth of the country.

While you’re walking around the markets, you can appreciate the Guatemalan culture and the characteristics of its people. In fact, the extraordinary handmade production has a lot of products to offer, such as textiles, pottery, leatherwork, jade and woodwork, which make travelers get closer to the Guatemalan culture.

Guatemalan handicrafts are one the most original expressions of the country. They are also an important part of the local economy of this wonderful city. When you are in Antigua Guatemala, don’t miss the opportunity to buy Guatemalan handicrafts!

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