Colonial Sidewalks

When you arrive in Antigua Guatemala, one of the first things you notice are the streets. Cobblestone streets — just like they were when Antigua was the capital of Central America 200 years ago. The cobblestone streets play an important role in giving Antigua its charming colonial ambiance.

Most of the sidewalks, however, are — rather un-colonial — concrete nowadays. While there are a few cobblestone sidewalks, they are clearly an endangered species. To be fair, though, cobblestone sidewalks are in fact not all that comfortable to walk on, particularly if they are made of small stones, so the concrete sidewalks are not such a bad idea after all.

In recent years a lot of work has been done to repair and improve the sidewalks. For the most part they are in good condition and a pleasure to walk on.

Some work remains to be done, however. Here and there, cracked concrete and potholes may throw you off balance if you like to walk with your eyes glued to your cell phone. You may also encounter unexpected steps and unusually high curbs in some places.

Another annoyance you run into occasionally are buildings, construction sites and utility poles encroaching upon the sidewalks and forcing pedestrians out into the street.

Don’t let the occasional obstacle deter you, though. Walking around Antigua Guatemala is a great way to experience the unique ambiance of this fascinating colonial town.

Enjoy your walk around Antigua!

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