Visit Lake Atitlan!

If you are like most Spanish students in Antigua, you are ready for a break after five days of intensive one-on-one lessons.

Sure, you can’t study Spanish all the time. Take the weekend off!

Guatemala offers many unique attractions and one you must see while you are here is Lake Atitlan. The lake is sometimes called the most beautiful lake in the world. While this may be a bit exaggerated, Lake Atitlan is certainly among the top candidates for the title.

Travelers from all over the world have praised Lake Atitlan for its majestic beauty. Some of them are so fascinated by the ambiance that they stay longer than planned and there is even a community of foreigners who set up residence at the lake.

Lake Atitlan is surrounded by steep mountains and three volcanoes sit on its southern flank — Atitlan, Toliman and San Pedro. None of the volcanoes is still active. The lake itself is a caldera that was created in a huge volcanic eruption 84,000 years ago.

Many small towns and villages line the shore of Lake Atitlan and you can easily visit them by boat. A large part of the population is indigenous and Mayan culture and traditions surround you wherever you go. Many stores sell typical Mayan handcraft and you might find the perfect souvenir from Guatemala there.

Swimming in the lake is another activity that many travelers don’t want to miss. The water is just the right temperature and on a hot day a dip in the lake is a great way to cool off a bit.


Weekend Tours to Lake Atitlan

Weekend tours to Lake Atitlan are quick and easy to set up when you are in Antigua. Tours usually leave Antigua early Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon or evening.

Lake Atitlan is a great place to spend a weekend, relax and have fun!

Ready to go? Come to the school’s office and we’ll set up an unforgettable weekend tour to Lake Atitlan for you!

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