Learning Spanish in Antigua Guatemala

Year after year, thousands of foreigners visit Antigua Guatemala. Many of them come not just to visit and get to know this beautiful colonial city, but also to learn Spanish.

Ixchel Spanish School is just the right place to do that! Our team of well-trained and experienced teachers, all of them native Spanish speakers, love to work with students from all around the world and take great pleasure in watching their students moving forward and improving their Spanish every day.

One-on-one lessons on the roof terrace – great view guaranteed!

The best part of an immersion Spanish course in Antigua Guatemala, however, is that you are surrounded by Latin American culture and history every day. Not only do you learn Spanish, you also interact with the local population and learn about their customs, traditions and daily lives.

Talking to native Spanish speakers every day has several advantages:

  • you practice and apply what you’ve learned in class
  • you have many opportunities to speak Spanish in realistic everyday situations
  • you hear and absorb colloquial Spanish, which allows you to take your Spanish beyond textbook Spanish
  • you talk to people of different cultural and educational backgrounds and are exposed to their way of expressing themselves

An immersion Spanish course is the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish! You progress rapidly and at the same time gain valuable insights into the Latin American culture, traditions and history.

Learning a language is not an easy task, however, and Spanish is no exception. Working your way through the Spanish grammar and building up a good working vocabulary takes time.

Many students with limited vacation time can’t stay in Antigua long enough to go all the way from beginner to advanced. Therefore we have created another option for you to keep learning Spanish after you return home: Take Spanish lessons via Skype!

Whether you come to Antigua to learn Spanish or take lessons via Skype, Ixchel is your best option!

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